The Dafang Creative Village Project, China 2018 – 2020

Development of Dafang ancient village in rural China. In 2018 IVEM was invited by the People’s Government of JinXi County to help redevelop the partly abandoned village of Dafang. Chosen strategy: create an attractive space where Chinese and Dutch creatives from different fields can work together and inspire a new generation of both tourists and locals.

IVEM’s role :

– Visualise the marketing opportunities for cultural heritage
– Formulating brand and marketing strategy
– Defining and designing the visual identity
– Bringing together the required expertise and human capacity
– The (long-term) project organisation and programming

In this project IVEM closely operates with:

– The China Cultural Media Group
Next Architects, Beijing
Total Design, Amsterdam
SmartLand, Amsterdam
Linda Vlassenrood

Program December / January 2020

– Opening festival: Twelve artists, Dutch & Chinese, will fit their installations into the village’s physical and social structure.