Dutch Institute for Cultural Heritage & Marketing (IVEM)

Our offer:

Online platforms & news communities

  • De Erfgoedstem (News-platform for Dutch Cultural Heritage Community – DUTCH)
  • The European Heritage Tribune (News-platform for European Cultural Heritage Community – ENGLISH
  • Archweb-L listserv (Community-list for Archaeology professionals – DUTCH & ENGLISH)
  • Monumentengemeenten.nl (Community-platform for the Federation of Municipalities with significant numbers of heritage buildings and terrains – DUTCH)
  • Meerhierover (legacy project 2013 – 2016 which IVEM recently took over. Location-based enhancement of heritage experience, about to take the next step – DUTCH)

Cultural Heritage & Marketing 

  • Visualizing marketing opportunities for cultural heritage
  • Formulating a sound brand and marketing strategy
  • Bringing together the required expertise and human capacity
  • The (long-term) project organization and programming

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Who do we work for?

  • Municipalities, Counties & Countries and Provinces and Regions in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Larger managers of cultural heritage and heritage buildings – owners and investors
  • Project and area developers who deal with historic buildings and terrains