Europe has a new newsletter on cultural heritage: the European Heritage Tribune

OCTOBER 28, 2019 – During the European Cultural Heritage Summit in Paris, a new pan-European newsletter that specialises in news on European cultural heritage was officially launched. Against the backdrop of the French splendour of the Hotel de Ville of Paris, Karel Loeff, director of the Dutch NGO ‘Heemschut’ presented the ‘European Heritage Tribune’ to Hermann Parzinger, Europa Nosta’s Executive President and Catherine Magnant, former coordinator of the EYCH 2018 at the European Commission. The newsletter is a legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Europa Nostra is a founding partner of the newsletter.

Language is a major barrier to the cross-border exchange of knowledge. The European Heritage Tribunewants to lower this barrier. It collects the news from sources all over Europe and then translates it into a common language. For now, this is English, but the aim is to distribute the newsletter also in other languages such as French and German. The newsletter is aimed at the European community of Heritage professionals and volunteers.

Excellence Fair - 28/10/19 Paris City Hall Photo credits: Felix Q Media / Europa Nostra
Excellence Fair – 28/10/19 Paris City Hall Photo credits: Felix Q Media / Europa Nostra

The European Heritage Tribune provides a regular overview of the latest news from different European countries and regions and the news of European institutions and organisations. It also focusses on best practices and hosts a platform featuring a European calendar of upcoming events, calls, and announcements.

The European Heritage Tribune is a legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The pilot of the newsletter started in 2019 as a Dutch contribution to the year’s goals. The newsletter is currently financially sustained by a growing community of over fifteen partners, funders and sponsors, both private and public. This community not only provides the European Heritage Tribune with sustainable funding, but it also protects the independence of the newsgathering.

The monthly newsletter is free, and everybody can subscribe through the website

The European Heritage Tribune is an independent digital news platform for the European heritage sector. It aims to strengthen the European network by sharing knowledge, connecting people within the cultural and creative sectors all over Europe.

The European Heritage Tribune offers an overview of the most important heritage news, calls, events, opinions and best practices from all European Countries. It collects and publishes articles from organizations, news outlets and social media from all European countries. The newsletter shows you ‘who is doing what’ and ‘what is happening where’ and aims to be a valuable means for sharing experiences, knowledge, and promoting further pan-European collaboration.

The European Heritage Tribune is independentnon-profit and is sustained with the support of a host of partners and sponsors both private and public. 

The European Heritage Tribune is a lasting legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.