IVEM, Heritage & Marketing 

IVEM specialises in cultural heritage, participating in complex cultural, cross-border development projects, both in Europe and in China. Our focus is on reaching audiences. Our job is to get everyone aligned and build balanced teams and organizations that deliver high quality, no-nonsense results.

Our offer

  • Visualizing opportunities for cultural heritage;
  • Organizing cross-border communication and campaigns,
  • Advice on public relations and international communications strategy
  • Multi-Lingual content creation, design, video and digital media;
  • Finding the right cultural heritage experts for projects or events;
  • (Long-term) project organization and programming.


Take a look to at one of our projects in China


The redevelopment of a historic village into a local hub for creative tourism.

Who do we work for?

  • International projects, countries, provinces and regions;
  • Larger custodians of cultural heritage – owners and stakeholders;
  • Project- and area developers who deal with archaeology, historic cityscapes and buildings.

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